Char Moyen Soviétique T-34/76.C

Revue de la Maquette Matchbox / Revell au 1/76

Char Moyen Soviétique T-34/76.C, 1/72 Maquette Revell 03154

Le T-34 soviétique is considered the most successful tank of its time, it combined high speed, maneuverability et fuel economy, low silhouette, good armour protection et firepower. The véhicule had 60 mm of sloped frontal armour, as much as the modern Leopard II, making it immune to canons antichar de 37 mm PaK 35/36. Even the powerful 88 mm L.71 gun of the Jagdpanther tank destroyer had only a calculated 11% probability of penetrating the T-34’s sloped frontal armour at 500 m range. By comparison, le char Tiger I allemand was twice as heavy, but it lacked the sloped armour which would have reduced the probability of an effective hit against it by as much as 34%.


  • Char Moyen T-34/76.C
    • Nitsenko-Buslov Cast Turret, Zavod No. 112, Gorky
    • 12.7 mm DShK M.1938 Machine-Gun
    • Decal Sheet
  • Base de diorama avec un fantassin soviétique
  • Infanterie Soviétique a l’échelle 1/72 Soft Plastic


  • Scale model avec superb cast-on detail. Rivets, hinges, et engine gratings lend themselves well to drybrushing. The entire tank has the robust look one would expect of a mass-produced véhicule.
  • Choix de sujet excellent, the T-34 is a key véhicule de la Seconde Guerre mondiale.
  • Intermediate level of difficulty, only 76 parts. The running gear et chassis consist of 45 parts. The upper hull et turret show a lot of cast-on detail, et they account for only 26 parts. One infantry figurine, the diorama base, et three sections of a wooden fence complete the model. Track assembly requires a little patience, there are 10 tiny wheel hubs which need careful handling while the sprue is trimmed away. Other than that, the kit is a delight to build. Joueurs de Guerre will find that this T-34 is perfect for mass-production, just like the real thing.
  • The Degtiarev-Chpaguine DChK 12.7 mm machine gun on the turret roof is a nicely detailed model. We drilled the mounting bracket open et inserted a short metal post, cut from 0.6 mm pianowire, instead of the plastic part supplied avec the kit. This part will receive some rough handling in simulation games, et the plastic post is likely to snap off eventually. DChK 12.7 mm HMG were in short supply at the time, et most chars T-34 operated without one. It’s a good idea to leave this weapon off the T-34, et mount it on lend-lease véhicules comme l’automitrailleuse M3 américaine ou l’Universal/Scout Carrier britannique instead. The barrel of the DChK 12.7 mm m.1938-46 may also be used to convert the wheeled HMG supplied dans les boîtes d’Infanterie Soviétique de chez ESCI et Revell, it looks good in the infantry support role.
  • Good quality kit. Parts fit very well et there is minimal flash.
  • Compatible avec Airfix, Fujimi, Nitto et VAC-U-CAST.
  • This T-34 is a Matchbox 1/76 scale model, the 1/72 scale designation on the box cover is incorrect. Revell re-released the popular Matchbox 1/76 scale T-34/76.C medium tank under its own label, the véhicule is now part of a boxed set avec Infanterie Soviétique de chez Revell a l’échelle 1/72. The combination of two different model scales in the same kit is not a sound practise, et customers should not be mislead about what is inside the box.
  • The tracks are cast in a very soft rubber, reminiscent of Airfix tank tracks. It is probably a good idea to peins et vernis these tracks, preventing the softener from leaching out. One advantage of the rubber tracks is that they can easily be glued down on the road wheels to suggest the weight of the track.
  • The peg holding the turret in place does not provide enough friction for a good fit. The turret turns et wobbles quand le char is picked up. Not a problem for dioramistes who glue the turret in place permanently.
  • The spare track sections are glued against the right-hand side armour plate, but the retaining bars are missing. As can be seen in the picture, this arrangement does not look realistic, the track sections would fall off. The missing holders may be cut out of paper ou plastic card.
  • The road wheels do not show the characteristic tread, an unfortunate ommission.
  • Part 1 - one half of the lower gun mantlet - seems to have been marred in the casting process. The side panel shows several mould lines which should not be there. This damage will be difficult to repair without removing the rivets in the process. Better to convert the blemish into some kind of battle damage. The part itself is not symmetrical anymore, it needs to be carved et filed to match the other parts of the mantlet.
  • The painting example on the side panel of the box shows the T-34 in a very nice shade of olive green. This is not the same colour as Revell Nr. 48 (Sea Green) recommended in the painting instructions. Chars soviétiques were painted in a variety of colours, olive green, slate grey ou khaki, et they were whitewashed in winter. The whitewash would have patches of colour showing through, et it would be very muddy. Quelques chars rolled directly into battle from the production line, et they would be in an armour grey colour overall.
  • The kit includes turret numbers of only two véhicules, one from the 41st Guard Tank Division et the other from the 25th Tank Division. Such frugality is very bad marketing. Clearly, if more turret numbers had been included, modélistes et joueurs de guerre would be encouraged to build entire tank platoons et companies from one ou the other division.
  • The decal of the aerial recognition panel on the turret roof does not apply very well, because the turret hatches are too prominent. It’s better to paint the white band across the turret.
  • Decals of popular slogans like "For the Motherland" ou "A friend in battle" are not included. The slogans first appeared during the Battle for Moscou, et they add a lot of character to a véhicule.

The Matchbox/Revell model of the T-34/76.C offers good value for money, even if l’infanterie et le char in this set are not strictly compatible.

Exemplair par Revell.

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