Automoteur Jagdpanzer Kanone 90 mm de la Bundeswehr Allemande

Revue de la Maquette ROCO au 1/87

Canon Automoteur Jagdpanzer Kanone 90 mm de la Bundeswehr Allemande, 1/87 Maquette ROCO 173

One of four Kanonenjagdpanzer about to be deployed in the Panzerjägerzug of a Panzergrenadierbataillon (mot.) wargame unit. Two platoons will be required, but the ROCO model is currently not available at stores. ROCO periodically upgrades certain véhicule kits, et a more accurate model of the Kanonenjagdpanzer may again be available in the future. Until then, used KJPz may be found at flea markets et military modelling events. The véhicule was painted straight from the box, only the carpet rollers were removed, et antennas added. The Jagdpanzer was sprayed in Bundeswehr Gelboliv (RAL 6014), mixed avec 30% white to take the scale effect into account. Raised detail was then shaded et drybrushed using Jim Gordon’s weathering technique. Camouflage netting will be added later.


  • Kanonenjagdpanzer


The model has only 8 parts et it is sold fully assembled, ready to play. The model is constructed like a snap-together toy. Upper et lower hull are held together by large lugs which remain clearly visible from front et rear. Modélistes sérieux will want to glue the parts together, cut the lugs off et fill the holes. Decals are not included, they need to be purchased separately.

The model seems to be a reproduction of an early Kanonenjagdpanzer without AA machine gun et avec the older type of hatch covers. The co-axial machine gun is not modelled at all, et the headlight protectors are missing. These parts may be scratchbuilt from brass wire.

Some flash around the gun barrel, stowage bin, et jerry cans. The two fuel cans are permanently attached to the rear stowage bin, et one of them is badly distorted. The defective cannister should be cut off the stowage bin carefully. Alternatively, drape a camouflage net over that part of the stowage bin.

The lower hull has mounting brackets for plastic rollers which allow the véhicule to be driven over carpet. These will have to be cut off to give the model a realistic appearance when viewed from front ou rear.

Compatible avec HO scale model railroad equipment et miniatures by Märklin, ROCO, Faller, Pola, Preiser, et Noch.

Cast-on detail, like picks, shovels, e tow rope, looks very realistic. Antennas e camouflage netting may be added to make the Jagdpanzer even more attractive.

Bundeswehr Chasseur de Chars Jagdpanzer Kanone 90 mm, 1/87 Maquette ROCO 173

Possibilités de Conversions

  • VB-Panzer (Panzermörserkompanie), Forward Observer Véhicule (M106 Mortar Company). Simply cut the gun barrel off.

The ROCO model is the only Kanonenjagdpanzer available in this scale et it will be an important véhicule for joueurs de guerre simulating Bundeswehr forces in miniature.

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