Véhicule de Transport de Troupes Allemand SPz kurz (demi-groupe et radio)

Revue de la Maquette ROCO au 1/87

SPz kurz (20 mm BMK) provide fire support for rebel troops de la Guerre des Étoiles, 1/87 H0 Maquette ROCO 214

SPz kurz avec 20 mm Autocannon provide fire support for rebel troops de la Guerre des Étoiles somewhere on a distant planet. These véhicules carry un schéma de camouflage two-tone desert of reddish brown stripes over a sand base colour, fortement vieilli au fini érodé so often seen in Hollywood movies. National et unit insignia have been ommitted, because les véhicules de combat d’infanterie are also used to support des unités de l’Armée Impériale occasionnellement.


  • SPz kurz (demi-groupe et radio)


  • The model is sold partly assembled, almost ready to use.
  • Only 11 Parts: left et right running gear, lower hull avec carpet rollers et mounting bracket, upper hull, left et right lance-pots fumigène, turret avec 20 mm Autocannon.
  • A radio antenna, made from bristle ou stretched sprue, may be mounted immediately behind the turret, centered between the two rear fighting hatches.
  • Much detail: exhaust grille, air intake, hatches, hinges, rivets, pick, shovel, sledge hammer, axe, lights et rear mirrors are correctly modelled. Tow cable et spare track links are missing, et there is no guard rail around the headlights.
  • Compatible avec HO scale model railroad equipment et figurines.
  • Hatches are modelled in buttoned-down position, requiring some modelling effort to open them, et place crew figurines inside.
  • The model is constructed like a snap-together toy. Upper et lower hull are held together by large lugs which remain clearly visible from front et rear. Modélistes sérieux will want to glue the parts together, cut the lugs off et fill the holes.
  • The lower hull has mounting brackets for plastic rollers which allow the véhicule to be driven over carpet. These will have to be cut off to give the model a realistic appearance when viewed from front ou rear.
  • The gun mantlet does not fit the turret properly. There are two ways to fix the problem: either glue the gun et mantlet to the turret permanently, ou insert a wire peg to keep the part moveable.
  • The gun barrel is much thicker than it should be. It may be replaced avec a length of pianowire ou aluminium tube.
  • The smoke discharger cups are cast on a mounting bracket which is noticeably out of scale. This part should be sanded to the proper thickness. Original photos show the SPz kurz (Halbgruppe und Funk) avec smoke dischargers on the turret sides, not on the hull. This minor conversion is well worth the effort, it makes the turret look more detailed et interesting.

The ROCO model of Schützenpanzer kurz (Hotchkiss) makes an ideal Sci-Fi combat véhicule: Its angular shape is timeless, et the véhicule is not easily recognized as a dated NATO IFV. SPz kurz is small, maneuverable, simple et relatively cheap, it fits well into the defense budget of a Road Warrior ou Sci-Fi army. ROCO models are nicely compatible avec figurines de la Guerre des Étoiles available from Galoob Toys as well as soldts italiens modernes de chez Atlantic.

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Véhicule de Transport de Troupes Spz kurz (Hotchkiss)