Bundeswehr Camion 1,5 t gl geschl, Daimler-Benz Unimog S 404 B

Revue de la Maquette ROCO au 1/87

Bundeswehr Camion Unimog S 404 B avec shelter, 1/87 H0 Maquette ROCO 242

Lkw 1,5 t gl geschl is the designation of the closed (shelter type) version du camion Unimog 4×4. The model shown here is a bataillon signals véhicule avec external antenna mast. Similar Unimogs were used as field ambulances, workshop et command véhicules. The shelter is not entirely correct, it should have an external heater unit in place of the shelf for the camouflage net. The mistake may be hidden by draping a cammo net over of the shelter when the véhicule is parked. The stepladders at the side et rear doors are scratchbuilt from brass wire et inserted into the underside of the shelter floor. Rear lights et a holder de la plaque d’immatriculation d’arrière also need to be scratchbuilt to complete this véhicule.


  • Unimog S 404 B avec shelter


The model has only 14 parts et it is sold fully assembled, ready to play. There is some flash around stowage boxes, front bumper et mud guards. Modélistes sérieux will take the Unimog apart, remove flash et glue the parts together permanently. The cab et house type body are nicely detailed et will be fun to paint. The shelter requires a little extra detailing to make it look realistic.

Tail lights, the holder de la plaque d’immatriculation d’arrière, et one of the stowage boxes on the right-hand-side of the véhicule are not included in the kit. These parts are easily scratchbuilt using plastic card et slices of plastic rod ou expanded sprue.

Daimler-Benz Unimog S 404 B mit Kofferaufbau

Stepladders at the side et rear doors are not included, but may be scratchbuilt from brass wire.

Cab doors do not open. The canvas cab cover may be removed, but there is no kit part représentant the folded cover. This part may be scratchbuilt from tissue paper. The windshield folds down, but the hinge parts are a little out of scale. Windshield wipers et rearview mirrors are not included in the kit. ROCO offers several véhicule upgrade kits which include such small parts. Decals are not included, they need to be purchased separately.

Compatible avec HO scale model railroad equipment et figurini by Märklin, ROCO, Faller, Pola, Preiser, et Noch.

Possibilités de Conversions

  • Camion Camper Civil

Le camion Unimog 1,5 t 4×4 cabine was the standard signals, office et workshop véhicule of the Bundeswehr until replaced by second generation camions Unimog 2 t tmil gl. The model may be used as a bataillon signals véhicule in wargames.

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Camion 1,5 t gl Unimog S 404 B