Camion Amphibie GMC DUKW-353 »DUCK«

Revue de la Maquette ROCO au 1/87

Camion Amphibie GMC DUKW-353 »DUCK«, 1/87 H0 Maquette ROCO 455

This ready-to-play model of the DUKW-353 was originally developed for kibri, et it is now being distributed by ROCO. Anyone not particularly interested in the modelling aspect of the miniatures hobby will get quick results from the ROCO Minitank series. Modélistes sérieux may use ROCO models as the basis for a super-detailing project. The small parts included in this kit need to be cleaned et glued to the véhicule, in order to prevent them from falling off when the model is handled. Painted et weathered correctly, the ROCO Duck is a valuable addition to any collection of military véhicules.


  • GMC DUKW-353 avec cabestan et crane


  • Snap-together model avec only 31 parts. The Duck is sold partially assembled, only small parts like mirrors, windshield, rudder, et crane need to be glued in place. Modélistes sérieux will want to take the Duck apart, remove flash et glue the véhicule together permanently.
  • Excellent surface detail. Visible rivet heads on the deck, wood panelling inside the cargo bay, et cast-on equipment items add visual appeal.
  • Compatible avec HO scale model railroad figurines, véhicules et buildings available from Märklin, ROCO, Faller, Pola, Preiser, et Noch.
  • The material thickness of the separate windshield is not to scale. The actual part should be a thin canvas splash cover avec built-in windows. Modélistes sérieux will want to built a replacement part from tissue paper an clear plastic sheet.
  • The typical canvas tilt is not included in the kit.
  • Wheel-well covers may not be removed.
  • The tire surface is not detailed at all, et it shows on the spare wheel mounted at the rear of the véhicule.
  • The model is sold without decals, et there are no painting instructions.

Joueurs de Guerre interested in simulating any of the major landings ou river crossings pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale will need a number of camions amphibie DUKW to ferry troops et stores ashore. The partially assembled ROCO Duck is an attractive model et it can be deployed more quickly than a regular plastic model kit.

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