Obus de 75 mm du Canon Antichar PaK 40

Revue de la maquette de Schatton Modellbau au 1/72

Obus de 75 mm du Canon Antichar PaK 40 allemand, compared to Airfix et Raventhorpe

The picture shows a comparison des obus de 75 mm du canon antichar PaK 40 allemand available from Raventhorpe, Schatton, et Airfix. The turned brass rounds in the center are much more detailed than the cast variants in the hands of the metal et plastic gunners. It’s apparent in the picture that the PaK 40 fired bottle-necked rounds avec a 75 mm shell et a super-calibre cartridge behind it. To accept the larger round, the PaK 40 had a super-calibre breech. The operating principle is to squeeze-bore the explosive force behind the shell, causing a more rapid acceleration of the shot along the barrel. 75 mm turned brass rounds manufactured by Schatton Modellbau may be used to upgrade models of the PaK 40 et to equip PaK 40 gunners avec more realistic ammunition.



  • Choix de sujet excellent, accurate obus antichar du canon antichar de 75 mm PaK 40 allemand will be popular in this scale. The ammuntion may be used for various Panzerjäger chasseurs de chars avec canons antichar PaK 40.
  • Scale model avec excellent detail. Die bottle-necked cartridge casing of the PaK 40 has been modelled correctly.
  • Good value for money, seven live rounds et seven spent cartridges should be enough to visually upgrade several wargame stands of the PaK 40.
  • Turned brass ammunition may be used to convert many suitable infantry figurine poses into attractive équipage de canon antichar.
  • Compatible avec ESCI, Matchbox, Revell, BP Cast, et Roden.
  • Painting instructions are not included. Interested modélistes will have to research the proper colour-coding d’obus antichar Panzergranate 39 (A.P.) et Panzergranate 40 (A.P.C.R.) on the internet.

High-quality brass ammuntion is a must-have for collectionistes et modélistes interested in the popular canon antichar de 75 mm Pak 40. Joueurs de Guerre may want to use these nicely detailed obus antichar to convert figurines d’infanterie en équipage de canon antichar which are always in short supply.

Exemplair par Schatton Modellbau

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Maquettes du Canon Anti-Char Allemand de 75 mm PaK 40