Canon Antichar Soviétique de 57 mm ZIS-2 M.1943

Revue de la Maquette SKIF au 1/72

Canon Antichar Soviétique de 57 mm ZIS-2 M.1943, 1/72 Maquette SKIF 207

Canon antichar de 57 mm ZIS-2 soviétique painted Vert Blindé Russe (Testors WP7832). The rubber tires have been slipped on after painting, et they still need to be weathered to remove the unrealistic glossy finish. Figurines d’infanterie soviétique de chez Revell peuvent être converties en artilleurs pour le canon antichar ZIS-2. The model is supplied avec an ammunition box et four shells which may be used to decorate the wargame base of the model. Canons ZIS-2 capturés may be deployed par des unités de Panzerjäger chasseurs de chars de la Wehrmacht et autres forces de l’Axe, either in their original camouflage colour ou sprayed over to emulate a disruptive camouflage pattern typically used by the captor.


  • Canon Antichar Soviétique de 57 mm L.73 ZIS-2 M.1943
  • Quatre Obus de 57 mm
  • Ammunition Box


  • Choix de sujet excellent. The SKIF model is unique in this scale.
  • Scale model, loaded avec detail. Hinges, rivet heads, panel lines, working parts of the elevating et breach mechanism are nicely sculpted. The casting is crisp et relatively clean.
  • The ammunition box et the four 57 mm shells are a valuable feature of the kit, they add important detail to a diorama ou wargame base du canon antichar ZIS-2, at very little extra cost to the manufacturer.
  • Separate rubber tires add a nice touch to the kit, but they would not have been strictly necessary. Painting will be a little easier, because the tires slip on after the gun has been sprayed in the desired colour. However, the rubber is very glossy, et some weathering will be required to achieve a realistic look.
  • Easy to build, only 33 parts. Construction of this ZIS-2 very closely models the real thing, et it will be very instructive pour le modéliste.
  • The ZIS-2 is a partially working model, the barrel can be raised ou lowered, et aimed to either side. The gun trails swing into the towing position.
  • Compatible avec ESCI, Hasegawa, Revell, Atlantic, Cooperativa, Eduard, AER, Toga, Reviresco, Rhino Models, PST, Mars, Model Group Dnepr et ITA.
  • No gunners included. Infanterie Soviétique de chez Revell peut être convertie to provide suitable kneeling et figurines couché pour le canon antichar ZIS-2.
  • The long barrel can be difficult to clean. The plastic seems to be slightly harder than that used by Airfix ou ESCI, et it has a tendency to chip. Use a dental tool to scrape mould lines et sprue lugs off the model.
  • The gun trails easily broke in half when separated from the sprue. The parts seems to have cooled too soon during the casting process, resulting in a weak joint. The problem was easy to fix by glueing the parts together.
  • The gun shield needs to be pushed into slots on either side of the carriage. These slots should be cleaned carefully to achieve the proper fit. The shield may snap in half if forced into the slots.

Ce modèle du canon antichar ZIS-2 soviétique is fun to build et paint. Get a few of these guns, they will be an important addition to your model collection de l’Armée Soviétique de la Seconde Guerre mondiale.

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Canon Antichar de 57 mm ZIS-2