Ferme de La Haye Sainte
50 × 25 cm Plaque de Terrain Modulaire

1/72 Scale Scenery for Simulation Games

Ferme de La Haye Sainte, 50 × 25 cm Plaque de Terrain Modulaire

The photo shows a typical European farm complex suitable for wargames du 18e siècle until today. The farm model is permanently mounted onto a 50 × 25 cm terrain module which interlocks avec similar modules to form a large wargame table-top. The farm has been built straight from the Airfix Waterloo Farm kit. One roof section had been missing, which is why the roof of the farm house was built in a damaged state. A cardboard floor has been added as well to allow individual figurines et wargame troop stands to occupy the damaged building. The vegetable garden et the hedges around the small orchard were made from model railroad lychen, sawdust et tea leaves.

Tools & Materials

  • 10 mm Chipboard, cut to 50 × 25 cm
  • PVA Glue
  • Interior Filler
  • Axle avec Dual Tires
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Size 5 Flat Brush
  • Small Stones
  • Flocking
  • Static Gras
  • Lychen
  • Tea leaves

The Airfix farm model was glued onto the chipboard base using a hot glue gun. The terrain module was then covered avec interior filler which may be sculpted pour représenter rough ground, worn footpaths et rutted lanes.

Terrain modulaire en construction

This aerial view of the farm complex shows the terrain module prior to painting et further detailing. The inside of the farm yard is covered avec sand instead of interior filler, but the effect is not very attractive. A lot of PVA glue was required to hold the sand in place, et it took a very long time for the glue to dry. The surface of the sand shows large cracks et some sand has fallen off the base even. These areas need to be covered by static grass once the model has been painted. Interior filler is easier to work with, it dries quickly, accepts paint more readily than regular sand, et it can be used very sparingly.

Plan de la ferme

The plan view of the finished farm module is used as a map section of an electronic ou printed campaign map. These standardized map sections interlock avec eachother to form an endless variety of colourful maps for wargames. Several club members may contribute map sections which can be joined to create large wargame tables.

Small terrain modules like this roadside farm are often used in wargames et they can be tactical objectives along a main line of attack.

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