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Unsolicited Comments about Military Miniatures Magazine

General Comments

You have a great page for anyone who wargames avec plastics --Tony De Lyall, Australie

I’m fascinated by your magazine, especially the lists of new releases, the painting et conversion ideas. --M. F., Allemagne

Keep up the excellent work! --M. M., Allemagne

I am new to netsurfing, but 72nd scale miniatures have been a passionate hobby since I was a teenager. I was delighted to find so many resources on the net, especially your page. I didn’t know there were so many figurines available. Thanks, et keep up the good work on your home page. It’s just great for people like me who don’t have contact avec other collectionistes et are DESPERATE for news, reviews et advise. --Bob Earle, Canada

Thank you very much for your web page. It is by far the main reason I keep up avec the net. Your conversions, reviews et comments are superb. I remain a loyal subscriber et I tell every collectioniste I know about your page! --Paul Heath, USA

This page is an excellent resource et I have shared much I have learned in the past three days of exploring your web pages. I copied some pages for my friends who are painting les Britanniques, Français, Autrichiens, et Prussiens. Keep up the good work! --Byron Rocher, Florida, USA

Thank you for a most informative site! Armour britannique is my specialty et your site has facilitated my research. --Guy DeLillio, Delaware, USA

About the Wishlist

What a great idea... it is about time that more specialty items are being designed for people who like plastic 1/72 models. --Ken Dong, California, USA

What an excellent idea the wishlist is. Hopefully some of the companies will pick up on the suggestions. --David Allen, Australie

... LMW Works would certainly like to donate a set of rules, which isn’t quite $20 in value, more like a million for the pleasure they bring :) --Phil Viverito, co-sponsor of the 1998 Wishlist.

About Simulation Games

I purchased 10 boxes of Aztecs et Conquistadores ... I hope to replay la Colonisation espagnole des Amériques in my sixth grade classroom. If I get them painted in time! --Jack Monroe, Texas, USA

Your homepage is truly superb, very informative! I do have one question: Where can I find wargaming rules en allemand? --Gregor Lorenz, Graz, Autriche

Your wargaming pages are great. --H. T., Allemagne

About the Manufacturers

I have been reading your online magazine avec great enthusiasm, because it reminds me of the 1/72 scale miniatures I spent so much time avec in my youth. I immediately brought my old figurines back up from the basement, et began studying your painting instructions. In the meantime, I’ve started buying all the Waterloo figurines I can find, et which I want to paint ...--Frank Kürten, Allemagne

Thank you for your great home page. This is a great time for Napoleonic 1/72 collectionistes, avec Italeri, Revell et Hat adding new models on the market each month ... --D. P., USA

I found your magazine by searching "Italeri", it came up as one of four choices, et I have found it the best site for 1/72 plastic miniatures and related topics. I am excited to see more. On that note I have some info that may be of interest, there is a new company based in Bellevue, WA called HAT Industries ... --Dan Albee, Washington, USA

I read your magazine every night! It has inspired me to start an Aztec and Conquistadore army from Revell. Thanks for your help! --Jack Monroe, Texas, USA

It is avec much enthusiasm that I read your Military Miniatures article on the Airfix Matilda II. Hopefully, such articles will help persuade the manufacturers to put the kit back into production. --Trevor Brabyn, USA

Let me thank you on behalf of many modélistes for the work you have done with the systematic catalogues. They are simply brilliant!!! --Petr Vanek, République Tchèque

Your excellent magazine lists two companies that I have never heard of producing 1/72 scale soldiers ... --P. B.

I would like to see your magazine cover news about the larger 52-54 mm scale. So few manufacturers now cater for this market that it would take up very little space in your publication. --Patrick Cotter, Republic of Ireland

About Miniature Painting

I will never get tired of researching et researching your magazine. The more I read, I find more interesting things concerning our favorite hobby. It is so difficult to find 1/72-1/76 scale reviews ou proper painting techniques for our scale in regular magazines. --Ricardo Haddad, Rio de Janeiro, Brésil

I’ve seen your truly _excellent_ web pages. I must say that the painting tips, figurine reviews etc. really got me interested in starting painting plastics again. --J. W., Suède

First, I’d like to congratulate you on a spectacular way to present military miniatures. Your painting tips are first rate. I’ve been painting for twenty years et I learned one ou two tricks. Your entire presentation is outstanding ... --Lawrence Walls, Florida, USA

About Modelling et historic Dioramas

... primarily because of your publishing efforts I have started collecting 1/72 armored véhicules. --Harold Hagen, Montana, USA

I might be induced to get back to modelling after a few hours at this site. Keep up the good work, please. --V. O., USA

As a Civil War hobbyist, I was thrilled to find your web site. I make Civil War dioramas as a hobby, et frequently research historical data on the www. I am a stickler when it comes to historical accuracy. --John McNenney, USA

About Jim Gordon’s Winter Camouflage article

Excellent article! --Gary P. Armitage, New Hampshire, USA

Thank You for an excellent article on a camouflage scheme I have been wanting to try but never did due to lack of confidence in the technique. Your article was very timely et I’ll try the winter camouflage on my M-24 Chaffee!! I’d use my ESCI Panzer IV but as I only have one remaining I’ll perfect my technique on the M-24 before painting the Panzer. --Mike Wolford, California, USA

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