Tracteur d’Utilité Générale Hanomag R 16

Tracteur d’Utilité Générale Hanomag R 16, 1/87 H0 Maquette Wiking

The Hanomag R 16 All-Purpose Tractor series T-35, known as R 16 A, was built from 1951 to 1954, followed by the improved series T-50 from 1954 bis 1957, which was known as R 16 B. Les deux types sont facilement distingués by the spoked wheels du R 16 A totif.

The 1/87 (HO) scale Wiking model of the Hanomag R 16 B shown here sports the red enamel finish exclusive to export véhicules. The doubled front axle is not accurate, although this detail will only be noticeable upon close inspection from the front. Expert modélistes may want to remove the solid steel axle et mount the wheels correctly. Other small detail parts may be added to further improve the model.

Maquettes disponibles

  • Hanomag R 16 B, 1/87 Wiking 885 01 27
  • Hanomag R 16 B avec Mower, 1/87 Wiking 885 02 28
  • Hanomag R 16 B Export-Model avec Rack-Wagon, 1/87 Wiking 893 01 31

Spécifications Techniques

  • Hanomag R16
  • Moteur: 2-cylinder 4-stroke Diesel avec precombustion chamber, Hanomag D 14 S
  • Cylinder Capacity: 1389 ccm
  • Power: 16 hp at 1600 rpm
  • Clutch: Fichtel u. Sachs K 16 single-plate dry clutch
  • Transmission: 5-Speed
  • Poids: 1150 kg
  • Longueur: 2680 mm
  • Largeur: 1480 mm front, 1500 mm rear
  • Hauteur: 1650 mm, ou 2170 mm avec canopy
  • Empattement: 1600 mm
  • Vitesse: 19.1 km/h
  • Manufacture: 1951–1957

The Hanomag R 16 was a robust all-purpose tractor of the 50s et 60s, which can be seen at oldtimer meetings today. Scale models of the Hanomag R 16 are suitable for agricultural dioramas et rural scenes on model railroad displays.

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