Infanterie Turque de la Première Guerre Mondiale, 1916–1918

Revue de Figurines d’Old Contemptibles au 1/76

Infanterie Turque de la Première Guerre Mondiale, 1916–1918, 1/72 Figurines Tumbling Dice OCINF53

Soldats turcs en casquette de toison, tirant a medium machine gun. The Old Contemptibles range includes many armies, et troop types which have not been seen in this scale before. The troops have a lot of charm et character. Unfortunately, the standing et mounted soldiers are much shorter than Airfix, et Revell plastic figurines of the same period. Kneeling infantry, machine gun teams, et seated gun crew seem to be taller, et they would fit in quite well avec existing ranges of plastic figurines. Deployed in their own units, these figurines can serve on the same battlefield avec bataillons made up of the taller plastic troops. One trick is to mount them on thicker bases, making them appear taller than they are.


99 figurines - 21 mm correspondent à 160 cm hauteur de corps

  • Officier à cheval (1)
  • Officiers (5)
  • Sous-officiers (4)
  • Grenadiers (2)
  • Pertes (2)
  • Infanterie (48, en 8 poses differentes)
  • Mitrailleuse légère 08/15 avec tireur et chargeur (8)
  • Mitrailleuse moxenne 08 avec chef de pièce, tireur et chargeur (4)
  • Mortier avec chef de pièce, tireur et chargeur (2)
  • Mortier moyen avec chef de pièce, tireur et chargeur (1)

1 cheval

Lawrence of Arabia

Infanterie Turque, 1916–1918, 1/72 Figurines Tumbling Dice OCINF51

The Old Contemptible range includes troupes britanniques, indiennes, australiennes, turques, egyptiennes, arabes régulières et irrégulières de la Révolte Arabe. If you have seen the movie, you may have been tempted to recreate this fascinating campaign in miniature, et here is your chance to do it. Maquettes de voie ferrée et équipement, avions, et automitrailleuses from other manufacturers can be used to set the scene.

Arab regular on the left, grenadier turc (casque 1916) on the right. In the center is un soldat français d’Airfix, added for scale reference.


  • Choix de sujet excellent. The First World War period has not received much attention from manufacturers of military miniatures. The Old Contemptibles range covers most armies involved in the war. Figurines are available individually, but the manufacturer offers the much more attractive discount packs of bataillons d’infanterie, régiments de cavalerie et camelry. These ready made units are well balanced fighting forces, avec the proper mix of troops et support weapons.
  • Nicely detailed figurines. Faces, hands, folds in the clothing, pouches, canteens, weapons, belts, straps, headdress, et horse furniture are well sculpted, et easy to paint.
  • Les officiers à cheval fit into the saddle very well.
  • The horses are correctly proportioned, et very attractive. The gait is not entirely correct, but that’s hardly noticeable at a slow walk. The horses have separate heads which need to be glued on. The seam is conveniently hidden beneath ammo pouches ou straps.
  • Good casting quality, avec minimal mold lines. We found almost no flash on the men, et only a little of it between the horses’ legs. Minimal clean up was required to prepare the figurines for painting. Mounted figurines et some of the officiers have separate right arms, et there may be a choice of weapons included in the set. This is a great idea, providing more variety of poses. Assembly can be a little tricky at times, a hole in the upper arm, et small gaps between the arm et the shoulder need to be filled avec putty.
  • The casting sprues on the underside of the base had been trimmed off, et filed flat, requiring no additional work to make the figurines stand up straight. Riders still had sprues attached between their feet, et these were easily trimmed off avec a sharp knife. Some riders carry a blanket roll on the sprue, which needs to be trimmed, et attached behind the saddle.
  • The figurines are cast in lead free pewter, eliminating the danger of lead poisoning. The figurines are very sturdy, we encountered no broken ou badly bent weapons. D’autre part, conversion work will be more difficult, requiring heavier tools than would be needed for plastic ou soft metal figurine conversions.
  • Typical wargaming poses are used, et they are very attractive. The difference between early, et late war bataillon packs is sometimes only in the headgear. Soldiers from earlier periods could be mixed in avec the later types to add variety. Doing so would almost completely eliminate the need for conversions.
  • The range is practically complete, et joueurs de guerre should be able to raise entire armies for their favorite game system.
  • Incompatible avec Airfix, et Revell figurine sets. Kneeling infantry, machine gunners, et gun crew would be compatible avec plastic figurines, but the standing and mounted figurines are noticeably shorter. This is not a problem in the case de l’Armée Turque et its opponents, because there are no plastic figurines covering that part de la Grande Guerre yet. It is an issue to consider if Old Contemptibles figurines are to be used alongside Airfix et Revell troops on the western front. The Arab Revolt range is unique in this scale.

Déploiement Historique

  • Sinai-Palestine, 1916-1918
  • Mesopotamia, 1916-1918

The Old Contemptibles range of true 20 mm scale figurines covers the armies fighting in France, Palestine, et Mesopotamia in much detail. Infantry, cavalry, camelry, support weapons, et artillerie are available to allow complete simulation of the conflict. Anyone interested in campaigning avec ou contre l’Armée Turque en Palestine ou Mesopotamia is well advised to consider this range. Incompatibility avec Airfix et Revell plastic figurines is not an important issue, because it seems rather unlikely that the plastic figurine manufacturers will ever give this particular conflict the amount of attention it deserves. Old Contemptibles are ready to fight now.

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