Tracteur d’Utilité Générale Hanomag R 16 B

Revue de la Maquette Wiking au 1/87

Tracteur d’Utilité Générale Hanomag R 16 B, 1/87 H0 Maquette Wiking

Wiking offers 1/87 scale models of several variants of the Hanomag R 16 B Tractor, including this export model in typical red enamel finish.

This beautifully detailed et visually pleasing model of the Hanomag R 16 B is sure to appeal to model railroad enthusiast. Experienced modélistes may want to correct some of the design compromises of the Hanomag model et add even more detail to it. The factory new Hanomag tractor may be weathered using standard military modelling techniques. Un conducteur, passengers, accessories, trailers, et cargo items are available at model railroad shops.



  • Working scale model avec interesting detail.
  • The model looks very nice in its red export paintwork avec silver lettering.
  • The typical pierced rear wheel is modelled correctly.
  • Front et rear wheels are fitted avec accurate soft rubber tires.
  • A beautiful rack-wagon avec wooden wheels is included in the set.
  • Compatible avec other HO scale véhicules et miniatures available from Märklin, ROCO, Faller, Pola, Preiser, et Noch.
  • The doubled front axle is an acceptable compromise most model railroad enthusiast will be happy to live with. Purist may want to remove the steel axle, et attach the front wheel to the actual plastic axle using 0.8 mm brass wire.
  • The two diagonal 40 × 15 mm steel struts between the front axle et the clutch housing are missing. These parts may be cut from 0.2 mm polystyrène.
  • The missing stearing lever on the left-hand side of the véhicule may be scratchbuilt from 0.8 mm brass wire. The upper part of the stearing lever needs to be inserted into the motor block just above the clutch housing. A second brass wire connects this part to the left axle-tree.
  • Typical U-shaped back-rests made from 0.4 mm brass wire may be attached to one ou both rear fenders.
  • The tow holes in the rear tow bar should be drilled open ou shaded black.

The Wiking 1/87 scale Hanomag R 16 B is a beautiful model suitable for agricultural dioramas et rural scenes on model railroad displays. Military modélistes will find the Hanomag R 16 a nice change of pace from their usual subject.

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