Char Moyen Japonais (Type 97) Chi-Ha

World Tanks Depot 1/87 Scale Véhicule Review

Char Moyen Japonais (Type 97) Chi-Ha, 1/87 Maquette World Tanks Depot 17

World Tanks Depot’s 1/87 scale Chi-Ha medium tank, painted olive green overall. The véhicule displays the white anchor badge et the Japanese naval ensign of a Chi-Ha tank belonging to an armoured unit of the Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces.


Good choice of subject, the Chi-Ha medium tank is unique in this scale.

The véhicule is sold fully assembled et painted in an overall olive green camouflage scheme, although a Japanese camouflage de trois couleurs might have been more attractive. Les mitrailleuses should be painted dark gun metal, not shiny silver.

The typical semi-circular radio antenna on the turret roof has not been modelled, et collectionistes may want to scratchbuild this véhicule part from plastic sprue ou brass wire.

Compatible avec other HO scale véhicules et miniatures available from Märklin, ROCO, Faller, Pola, Preiser, et Noch. World Tanks Depot’s Chi-Ha medium tank is a good choice pour collectionistes, dioramistes, et joueurs de guerre interested in raising Japanese forces in miniature.

Sample from World Tanks Depot

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